Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tourney report 22/10 @dhoby

Used tg agent angels

Match 1 vs T.G. Agent angel (sry dunno name) OO-

game 1: was initially at a real disadvantage cos i had alot of venus and earth in hand and nothing much,thankfully he had no traps to stop trishula and slowly beat.

game 2: quite epic, earth + balls died to chain d but still managed to beatdown thanks to empty space levial

Match 2 vs Gravekeeper undead skill drain (sry dunno name) OO-

game 1: he set one pyramid turtle and one trap. mst the trap then phoenix otk.

game 2: got royal tributed and dropped 6 hand cards sobsob. he only had recruiter on the field so mind control + warwolf xyz empty space for beatdown

Match 3 vs Hero beat (Sherwin) XOX

game 1: raiou too strong

game 2: cant rmb

game 3: cant rmb

Match 4 vs Scrap tengu (Stark) OXO

game 1: cant rmb

game 2: cant rmb

game 3: cant rmb lol

Match 5 vs Gravekeeper undead skill drain again OXO

game 1: phoenix otk

game 2: cant rmb

game 3: cant rmb

Match 6 vs Gravekeepers (Poh Seng) OXO

game 1: he died

game 2: i died

game 3: hyperion +earth beat down.

won holo black rose. finally my first holo black rose as prize LOL. sry poor memory. many new players dont know who i am , but its nice coming back into the game to see old friends.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


will try to get back in the game =/


Saturday, May 28, 2011

duelnet whiners

why are tcg players whining when i use quasar and librarian? not legal in ur format so? so dark world and angel deck havent come out in ur country then dont play those also la lol

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


as usual, funny things happen on duel many weird stunts around.

funny stunt #1: a player used shien and ram into my ryko. he threw squire and stoned. i told him only can dodge battle destruction then he took it back. next turn he normal summon squire, ss grandmaster. i told him cannot, he quit game.

funny stunt #2: book of moon my absolute zero and ram into it with a monster and destroy it by battle and argue that his monsters wont get destroyed because he destroyed it face down.

funny comment #1: i summon neos alius in addition to a raiou on my field and he said i was nub and that i shouldnt summon so many cos i should be afraid of dark hole. "im trying to teach u" he said. when i was actually luring his stupid traps/dark hole so i can miracle for game. in the end he avarice and really draw dark hole and used it on me by i miracle for game then he still lost. he claimed hes some pro tcg tourney regular. i cudnt care less.

realized that there are so many arrogant players on dn. kind of irritated by their fail rulings but cant be bothered to copy and paste ruling text for them. just press a.s.s for idiots like them.

my ign: hairypikachu.
lennon's ign: captainlucksack

Saturday, January 29, 2011

tourney report 290111

didnt play for quite awhile cos i was quite traumatised over my super fail six sam luck that made me lose like a dog few weeks back. six sam doesnt love me =( so i decided that i shall play birds lol.

location: khatib cc

deck used: whirlwind bf

Match 1 vs Six sam (Yeow Keat) OO-
game 1: went first and had a monster hand. summoned shura and had 2 kaluts in hand. he summoned mizuho + grandmaster and didnt choose to destroy my shura. he attacked with grandmaster and i dropped kalut, searched gale and he used mizuho to atk my gale, dropped another kalut and then advantage from there.

game 2: cant really rmb.

Match 2 vs BF (Qian Rui) OO-
game 1: cant rmb

game 2: snowman here and there. damn long since i had a bf mirror lol

Proceeded to Top 8

Match 3 vs Debris Dandy (Clarence) OO-
game 1: had alot of advantage. trishula + reaper til he was left with no hand and field.

game 2: gozen = win.

Proceeded to Top 4

Match 4 vs Six Samurai (Daniel) OXO
game 1: i won the dice roll + defensive backrow

game 2: palkion + mizuho owned my reaper =( plus he had 3 warning =(((((((((((

game 3: i had 2 gozen, he mst one , i opened another, lolololololololol.

Proceeded to Top 2

Match 5 vs BF (Akira) XOO
game 1: quite a bad hand + he dustshoot me and double mst landed on my warning and oppression

game 2: dad gave me the finisher

game 3: DAMUDO AGAIN!!!!!

conclusion : 1st = holo stardust = damn tired = sleep kbai.

Friday, November 5, 2010

05/11 Tourney Report

Deck used: Hero beat again again again again
Location: Khatib cc (deepavali tourney)

Match 1 vs Machina gadget (Hong Li) XOO

game 1: didnt draw monsters and died.

game 2: Shining was too big for him, like my cock.

game 3: Shining was too big, like my cock.

Match 2 vs X-sabers (Yeow Keat) OO-

game 1: beat down + he didnt draw much monsters

game 2: same as game 1

Proceed to top 10

Match 3 vs Whirlwind bf (Vishal) OO-

game 1: the usual thing i do when i vs bf.

game 2: holy light is the answer to problems in life.

Match 4 vs Hero beat (Wee Ann) OO-

game 1: his lp were a big diff from mine, and he was left with 2 dual sparks and nothing else and he scooped.

game 2: he super polyed my alius with his raiou and he had no set traps. i miracle fusioned into a bigger shining and rammed into his shining. he didnt have anything to kill my shining and died.

Proceed to top 3

Match 5 vs Whirlwind Bf (Wen Long) OXO

game 1: the same thing i do when i vs bf, just play lor.

game 2: i pot of duality and chose torrential and set. on his turn, he had 1 bf in grave and his shura hit into my monster and search vayu. he said sync catastor then i chain torrential on his sync,then he took out an android, i asked him why he take out android and then he said "oh i didnt say aehh ohh jay" i was like whatever u have damudo then so be it. so he did summon damudo and destroyed my life.

game 3: nvm revenge.

Match 6 vs X-saber (Yeow Keat) XOX

game 1: super good hand lulz

game 2: the usual hero beatdown

game 3: solemned his catastrophe and he trunade me = die.

Conclusion: 2nd
so there was a loop cos keat lost to wen long and so i played with keat keat again and lost. then i played with wen long again and won, and keat won him so the loop stopped. so in conclusion i got 2nd and won a gold brionac, but i topped keat $6 and traded it for his stardust holo so i feel quite satisfied. i didnt really want to pay the $6 though =( nvm at least have prize aha.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oct 30 Tourney Report

Location : khatib cc
Deck used: hero beat

Match 1 vs Burn deck (unknown guy) XOO

game 1: he had cosmo = infinite needles worms + morphing pot. terrible death.
game 2: sided in dark bribes and stuff. helped quite abit cos of his annoying messenger of peace. divine warning helped kill his battle faders.
game 3: same as game 2.

Match 2 vs Whirlwind Bf (Jeric) OO-

game 1: he didnt draw icarus and shining + something else kept whacking him
game 2: same as game 1.

Match 3 vs Dandy warrior (yeow keat) XOO

game 1: had 3 alius in hand and he had raiza and something else. died.
game 2: wang hu + dual spark on his dandy = quite earn.
game 3: 2 dual sparks + wang hu!!!

Match 4 vs Skill drain light zombie (Jun Jie) OO-

game 1: nearly owned me when he used cylinder twice on my 3.5k shiningman. But somehow managed to win.
game 2: super poly on his gokuen for the final blow!!

Match 5 vs Whirlwind Bf (Yeow Keat's friend) OXO
game 1: the usual spark and miracle
game 2: jujitsu master stunned my airman. then got owned.
game 3: i think i had all the answer to his cards, bottomless + dprison + spark. great hand.

Conclusion: First place yay. won a stardust 3d that i sold off in 10mins.